Creative writing is my fickle mistress. I have my MFA in Fiction from N.C. State University and have become accustomed to rejection. Here are a few times when the universe said yes: 

"Tank Top," Minola Review
"Landmines," Eunoia Review
"Twinkies," Hoot Review
"Books on Tape," The Coachella Review
"Racing Cancer," Bartleby Snopes

"6 Simple Ways You Can Use Crafting to Relieve Stress and Anxiety," Rodale's Organic Life
"How I Ditched My Fitness Apps and Finally Learned to Love My Body," Rodale's Organic Life
"We're Just So Glad You're Here": The Healing Power of Small Town Kindness," Paprika SouthernSpring 2015 print issue

"The Last Book I Loved - Property," The Rumpus
"A Thread of Imagery Connecting Fiction, Poetry, Flash Fiction and More (Fourteen Hills)," The Review Review
"An Intimate Reading Experience (Apple Valley Review)" The Review Review
Community, Beauty, and Darn Good Reading: This Women's Lit Mag Brings It All Together (Calyx)" The Review Review