Gone Walkin'

"Writing is one way of making the world our own...and walking is another." - Geoff Nicholson

Our new town is very accessible on foot. Yesterday, I walked to the post office and a coffee shop. Today I walked to my husband's office. Soon, I'll get to walk to a dentist appointment, a hair salon, and my dog's vet.  

In addition to this intentional walking, I've also been taking walks just for the sake of taking walks. There's a river trail that goes through the town with a great path, lovely views, benches, swings, and even a Little Free Library. These walks don't take me too long - the loop that starts and ends at our home clocks in around two miles, according to my iPhone. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook or podcast. Sometimes I listen to music. Sometimes I just walk. 

As someone who sits and stares at a computer screen for a living, these walks have already become a necessary and desired little ritual. I've found that simply getting up, heading outside, and moving my legs for 30 minutes has made my writing and thought process much more even-keeled and clearheaded. In the past few days, I've done some of my best work with my sneakers on and without a computer or pen in sight. But, of course, this probably shouldn't surprise me as much as it does. 

Plenty has been written and discussed about writers who walk. It helps us think, according to The New YorkerI've known this. I've heard about many famous writers who started their work day with a long walk. I just haven't tried it until now. And I can already feel it changing my process. 

So, here's to savoring the first few crisp days of fall, to writing in my head, and to getting out from behind the computer screen.