Hello, again!

Well, that was an unintended and lengthy disappearance! Apologies for the silence - I'll blame it on the holidays, the start of basketball season, and the birth of my new niece. 

But here I am! We're 11 days into 2016 and already time feels like it's moving too fast. And while I may be super late with this kind of post, I wanted to share some goals for the new year for both my professional and creative writing. I'll keep it short since it's a Monday and you're likely still burned out from reading goal-oriented blog posts after the onslaught published two weeks ago. 

- Get an actual sustainable system in place for tracking income/taxes/expenses. (Oof. The bane of my freelancer existence.) 
- Maintain relationships with existing clients. (While I always welcome new inquiries, 2016 will hopefully be more about "maintaining" than "seeking out.")
- Update blog more regularly (see! I'm already doing it!) 

- embrace a more sustainable and consistent writing practice for my creative work (as opposed to the current hot and cold periods I've had for the past two years)
- finish my novel revisions once and for all (So. Close.) 
- Query? Maybe? (I know this is something I need to figure out and embrace soon. Having a continual work-in-progress is just so much less stressful.) 
- submit more short stories (I really let this practice slip in the last few years) 
- attempt to write and publish more non-fiction (I have an essay forthcoming in Paprika Southern, so the ball is already rolling on this one.) 
- start something new at Hambidge! (Something has been bursting around in my head for several months now, so I'm excited to have the space to explore it.) 

I think that's the gist of it for now. It's going to be a good writing year!