My 8 Favorite Things About Being a Freelance Writer

There are a lot of great things about being a freelance writer, but these are the eight things I'm most grateful for - even on those few-and-far-between tough days: 

1. The Uniform. As you may have gathered from my website heading, I am a big fan of sweatpants. Really, I'm a big fan of any pants of the elastic waistband variety. While I do sometimes miss picking out an outfit every day, most days I am eternally grateful to go to work in my pajamas. 

2. The Commute. You really can't beat rolling out of bed and taking 12 steps down the hallway. I try my best to do the majority of my work actually in my office sitting at my desk, but there's also something to be said about working from the couch every now and then. 

3. The Schedule. The grocery store is significantly less crowded at 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon and it's much easier to get a dentist appointment when you can tell the receptionist that you can be available "whenever." While managing deadlines isn't always easy, my hours are whatever I want them to be and I love the flexibility. 

4. The Portability. As long as I have my computer and an Internet connection, I can work anywhere. This is an especially big benefit for my family - we've moved three times in the last four years for my husband's job and, aside from updating my address on my invoices, my work stays the same. 

5. The Co-Worker. Yes, working at home can get pretty lonely at times, but my anxiety-riddled dog loves the all-day company. All I have to say is, "Samson, it's time for work!" and he runs into my office to curl up in the dog bed next to my desk. 

6. The Fancy Lunches. Not having to worry about packing a lunch every day means I have my entire kitchen at my disposal. If I want to cook something fancy for lunch, I can cook something fancy for lunch. 

7. The People. While I haven't met the majority of my clients in person, I feel so lucky to get to work with such smart, flexible, and encouraging editors and account managers. There are countless freelance horror stories out there, but I've been lucky to work with some really great agencies and organizations. 

8. The Work. Even though content marketing wasn't something I ever planned on doing, I love being able to write for a living. 

And with that, this writer is going to shuffle into the kitchen in her slippers and make some fancy lunch. Happy Thursday!