New Look

Well, this new site has been a long time coming. Sometime last year, I deleted all of the content on my old website/blog in a fit of shame over realizing that I wasn't practicing what I preach. I spend most of the hours in my days helping other companies utilize effective content marketing techniques and build their brands, but wasn't following my own advice. My blog was a disjointed space that didn't really represent me as a professional, as a writer, or as a person in general. However, rather than deleting in a fit of shame and then recreating a site that better suited me...I let a solid eight months go by before doing anything. 

But here I am: back and with an online space that feels much more me as I currently am in my writing life. I'm still struggling to figure out my writing routine and still fighting to get my creative work published, but I'm also making a living doing what I love. I still have a novel draft that seems constantly in need of revisions and a bunch of short stories that keep racking up rejection letters, but I'm supporting myself with my words and my words alone - which is pretty awesome. 

As for this blog-space? Well, I'm not quite sure what it will end up being. I'm interested in writing about my changing relationship with writing now that it isn't just a creative outlet. I'd like to be more candid and open as to how I make my living as a working writer, because I know firsthand (and am still learning) just how difficult the freelance life can be. And, as always, I'm looking for that camaraderie that comes from belonging to a writing community, so don't hesitate to reach out if you're a writer who is looking for the same. 

Regardless of why you found me, I'm glad you're here.