Happy News

Popping in for a quick blog post on a busy Monday to officially share some of the happiest news I've gotten in awhile: I was accepted for a two week residency at The Hambidge Center this March! 

I found out that I was accepted just over a week ago, but now that the dates are booked (March 8th through 20th) and I'm filling out forms, I'm finally letting myself believe it is real. I'll get two weeks (TWO WEEKS) to do nothing but work on my fiction in a creative environment surrounded by other artists. As much as I love working from home, the absence of creative people in my life has been the hardest transition from graduate school. I can't wait. 

As for what I'll be working on? Well, assuming I can actually follow through on my intentions to finally finish tinkering with my existing novel draft (currently in its...4th? 7th? 12th? iteration) by the end of the year, I hope to start a new project I've had brewing for awhile. After spending YEARS (way too many years) in revision mode, creating something new sounds so appealing. 

Now for the hardest part: waiting. All I want to do is make packing lists and outlines, but the world won't stop while I'm counting down. (Which I am definitely doing: 127 more days.)